Doc Ford’s Restaurant Recipes: A Deliciously Unique Experience

Linda April 20, 2023

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If you’re a seafood lover and a fan of unique culinary experiences, then you must have heard of Doc Ford’s Restaurant. Located in Sanibel Island, Florida, this restaurant has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The food here is not only delicious but also unique, with recipes that have been created by the restaurant’s namesake, Randy Wayne White, a New York Times bestselling author and avid fisherman.

The History of Doc Ford’s Restaurant

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Doc Ford’s Restaurant was named after the lead character in Randy Wayne White’s mystery novels, who was a marine biologist and restaurant owner. In 2003, White and two of his friends, Marty Harrity and Mike Marinello, decided to open a restaurant in Sanibel Island and named it after the character. The restaurant quickly became popular among locals and tourists for its unique seafood dishes and relaxed atmosphere. Today, there are four Doc Ford’s Restaurant locations in Florida, each offering a different dining experience.

The Menu

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Doc Ford’s Restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood dishes, from the classic fish and chips to more exotic dishes like the Yucatan Shrimp and Grouper Etouffee. The restaurant also offers non-seafood dishes like burgers, salads, and steaks. But what sets Doc Ford’s apart from other seafood restaurants is its unique recipes that have been created by Randy Wayne White himself.

Randy Wayne White’s Recipes

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Randy Wayne White is not only a bestselling author but also an avid fisherman and cook. His passion for fishing and cooking has inspired many of the recipes on the Doc Ford’s Restaurant menu. Some of his most popular dishes include the Yucatan Shrimp, which is sautéed with garlic, lime, and tequila, and the Cedar Plank Salmon, which is marinated in a soy sauce and brown sugar mixture before being grilled on a cedar plank.

The Doc Ford’s Experience

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Doc Ford’s Restaurant is not only known for its delicious food but also for its unique atmosphere. The restaurant has a laid-back and casual feel, with walls adorned with photos of local fishing boats and a bar made from an old wooden boat. The outdoor seating area is also a popular spot for diners, with views of the Sanibel Island Bay and passing boats.

Visit Doc Ford’s Restaurant

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If you’re ever in Sanibel Island or any of the other locations where Doc Ford’s Restaurant is located, make sure to pay them a visit. You won’t be disappointed with the delicious food, unique atmosphere, and friendly staff. And if you’re a fan of Randy Wayne White’s novels, you might even spot him there!


Doc Ford’s Restaurant is not just a place to eat, it’s a unique experience. With recipes created by bestselling author and fisherman Randy Wayne White, this restaurant offers a culinary adventure that you won’t find anywhere else. So, if you’re looking for a seafood restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere and delicious food, make sure to visit Doc Ford’s Restaurant.

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