The Five Uses of Tea Tree Essential Oil



Tea tree essential oil has many uses. It is taken from tree sap and is used for a number of different purposes that included medicinal and recreational.


1. Acne can be treated by tea tree essential oil. This oil is often used in acne cream as an alternative to using benzoyl peroxide. Everything from mild to moderate forms of this skin condition can be treated using this type of oil.


2. Athlete’s foot is a condition that people are able to treat with tea tree essential oil. This is considered an effective home remedy for treating athlete’s foot, which is the second most common disease of the skin. This unique oil kills the fungus and yeast associated with athlete’s foot. The oil must be applied by saturating a cotton swab in it and applying the cotton swab to the area of the foot that is affected.


3. Chicken pox is a common childhood ailment that can be treated using tea tree essential oil. The infected person must have the oil applied to each one of their chicken pox. It should be left alone for a period of 15 minutes and then rinsed with warm water and dried. After numerous applications the chicken pox should disappear.


4. One way to treat the common cold is to use tea tree essential oil. It helps alleviate the typical symptoms of a cold, such as fever, runny nose and sneezing. An aromatherapy diffuser can be filled with this oil and used to disinfect the air and surrounding surfaces.


5. Insect bites can easily be treated using this type of oil as well. It must be applied on the bite with a Q-tip and this must be done several times each day until the insect bite disappears.


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These are just five of the common uses for tea tree essential oil. The uses for this oil are many, and have been for centuries. If you have wanted to live a more natural life by cutting out many harsh chemicals, try this essential oil.


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