Food Diary: How a 28-Year-Old Adjunct Professor Eats on $30K/Year in Austin, Texas

Excellent crepe flavor! It’s a very simple and fantastic breakfast. He needs between 30 and 45 minutes to put everything together. For us, this dinner is very typical. On the weekends, my partner loves to cook us breakfast, and I beg him to make crepes frequently enough.

1 p.m. We go on a leftovers raid after watching TV for a while, finding leftover crepes, pasta, and a bag of Kettle brand pepperoncini chips ($4.39). I purchased last week but for some reason skipped lunch. I basically eat snacks while watching TV for three hours or so. We all know how much I enjoy eating chips. This is a superb lunch, in my opinion.

7:20 p.m. We start to want for a real meal. Going out to supper is a simple option, but deciding where to go is even simpler: A Sichuan restaurant called China Family provides vegan versions of some of its menu items. The BF gets fried rice, and we order the vegetarian mapo tofu and dry-fried green beans. Due to the fact that it is Friday, we also order two Kirin Ichiban beers. You can tell as the food is served that these dishes are popular for good reason. We are enjoying ourselves just as much as everyone else in the restaurant. This location offers me the desired Sichuan peppercorn mouthfeel. I’ve eaten a lot of Sichuan food over the years, but this is the best I’ve found in Austin for the money ($73).

Friday total: $122.46



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