New Year resolution and Get free recipe book.

New year resolution Eat Healthy Eat Fresh Eat organic Choose the barbuto box plus free recipe book Its the new year and leah hogg has just published her new recipe book and we have teamed up. The book includes 75 easy recipes for today’s living. Each recipe is simple to Read More

5 a day veg and fruit infographic

courtesy of   What counts as five-a-day?   By Roxanne Fisher – Health editor –   Healthy eating starts with a balanced, varied diet, and making sure you’re getting enough fruit and vegetables is key. Find out how much constitutes a portion of your five-a-day with our handy infographic… Read More

The Five Uses of Tea Tree Essential Oil

  Tea tree essential oil has many uses. It is taken from tree sap and is used for a number of different purposes that included medicinal and recreational.   1. Acne can be treated by tea tree essential oil. This oil is often used in acne cream as an alternative Read More

is Healing Arnica Cream to Replace Use of Voltaren Gel?

For year’s arthritis patients, athletes and chronic pain sufferers have used Voltaren Gel for relief of joint pain. Voltaren Gel has been used most successfully on knees, ankles, feet, elbows, hands and wrists. Voltaren Gel is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), so there are risks involved with it’s use. NSAIDs Read More

Lavender Essential Oil – Far More Than A Sleep Aid

Though most people use lavender essential oil as a sleep aid it actually has many other uses. One of those uses is for aromatherapy. Many people use this type of oil to help them feel a decrease in their stress level. It has also been known to alleviate both depression Read More

History & Tradition

The first time I came to San Giacomo in Sicily, the warm air suffused with the smell of almonds and wild fennel. An amber glow through the dark green leaves of centuries old olive trees greeted me and my family as we drove through the beautiful country road that led Read More