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Choosing the quantity here below you will receive all the ingredients required for 1 person so you can juice and create your 7 DAY Cleanse at a 20% discount. You will receive more details on the cleanse and recipes via email after you order.

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Product Description

Cleanse Notes

The shopping list comes with a few extra items to create a potassium broth to “eat” as a soup. It’s not required, but you’ll be thankful for it on those difficult days.

I recommend making it when preparing day 3’s recipes.


7 Day Juice Cleanse Plan

Shopping List
Day 1 Total Yield
2.4 litres circa
Day 2 Total Yield
2.3 litres circa
Day 3 Total Yield
2.35 litres circa
Day 4 Total Yield
2.3 litres circa
Day 5 Total Yield
2.25 litres circa
Day 6 Total Yield
2.35 litres circa
Day 7 Total Yield
2.6 litres circa

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I eat meals or is this just juice?

Answer: Juice only

It’s a liquid diet, so it’s juice, water, and the optional potassium broth (included with some plans). This is also known as a juice fast/reboot/etc.

I don’t know what I’m doing. Am I supposed to drink it all at once or what?

Answer: Drink it throughout the day

You may think you need to make a 945 ml recipe, then down it all right away, but don’t do that because you’ll find yourself hungry for longer periods.

Make your entire day’s worth of juice at once, then space it out throughout the day.

I highly recommend making your ~2.3/~2.6 litres of juice all at once, then filling  mason jars with juice. Drink one every hour throughout the day with plenty of water (1.4 litres) to reach 3.8 litres of liquids every day.

Can I do this with a blender?

Answer: Nope, juicers only

This isn’t a smoothie cleanse. I don’t think that’s even a thing. This is all about juicers and juicing.

Can I drink coffee or tea?

Answer: I’d stay away from coffee

There’s a lot of reports of people having heartburn while doing a cleanse and drinking coffee, so I’d stay away from coffee.

If you must have caffeine, stick with something lighter like white or green tea. Black is fine too. If you need it sweetened, use honey.

Are there any more cleanses available for purchase?

Answer: Just the 7 Day juice cleanse right now



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