The Farmer

A DREAM that became MY PASSION

The first time I came to San Giacomo in Sicily, the warm air suffused with the smell of almonds and wild fennel. An amber glow through the dark green leaves of centuries old olive trees greeted me and my family as we drove through the beautiful country road that led to what was to be our future home. The stunning views of luscious green hills that surrounded our abode were balm to my soul for years intoxicated with urban life and metropolitan surroundings.



My childhood dream of a farming future was ever so close. This land, so intense with life and traditions, vibrant with its food culture was welcoming me in her arms reassuring me that the seeds of my aspirations were already planted in its fertile soil.

The Barbuto Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a gastronomical portrayal of a rustic modest life in the Sicilian countryside tinted with a passion for food, family and traditions. Only the famous ‘Tonda Iblea’ olive was used to create this monocultivar oil, hand harvested because machines could bruise the olives and ruin its lush flavour and then mechanically cold-pressed within the end of day to produce this prized delicacy. I have put passion and devotion to bring you this absolute quality olive oil – a true taste of the ancient Sicilian soil that produces them.

Indulge in the true taste of Sicily.


Producer of Barbuto – Sicily